Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year...Am I ready?

Happy New Year...I think. After 3 days of sunshine to start the year and lunch with my girls...I feeling like this was going to be a great year. And I was VERY afraid that I would fall into the same patterns as years past.

Well...I haven't yet. :-) It is only the 5th, but we've had our new treadmill since Saturday and I've been on it two days in a row and I've logged 3.75 miles already. I'm very excited about my accomplishment and can't wait to do more!

My goal is to run a 5k this fall. Wish me luck! Anyone want to run with me??


Sandy Hop said...

Jeanie- I LOVE your new blog look! Drinks soon, ok? Need a Jeanie fix!

Sarah said...

I won't run with ya, but I will definitely be cheering you on! I'll be your drink girl waiting at the finish line.