Thursday, February 4, 2010


So...I'm finally on vacation. I think the last time I took a week's vacation was in April! I'm super excited to I can finally just be in my home. I think that's the worst thing about working full time. We always have something to do on the weekend becuase that's our "down time" which is never down time because we're always running from here to there. So when do I feel like I can relax? Not on week days when I get home at 6-then dinner, playtime, bath, bedtime...then I end up falling asleep watching a show I've been waiting all week to see!

I know I'm rambling. I really have 3 things to do this week:

-Enjoy the weekend in Traverse City with my cousin Sarah and my mom
-take Trevor to the Children's Museum with Cheryl
-Go through baby stuff and decide what I can part with